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Sunnyvale SNAP Course Material

It is doubtful that everyone in Sunnyvale can take the SNAP course. So the contents of the SNAP USB thumb drive, SNAP's teaching aid, circa 2010, is posted here. The information is of great importance for survival in a disaster. Just perusing Class 1, may be enough to save your life. The SNAP USB drive contains the complete Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) course information for the SNAP program as well as additional information from local, state and federal agencies.

Taking the SNAP training, yourself, gives you hands on experience, which is invaluable. One of my favorites was learning to hold a fire hose. Now when a fireman taps me on the shoulder and wants me to spray between two houses to protect one from burning — I can do it — and someone will be very happy that I did! I also got to enter a smoke filled room. It is amazing how quickly and completely you lose your bearings; you are not able to sense where you are or what's ahead of you. Better know what to expect now rather than later!

Just Imagine:

A 7.9 earthquake centered in Mountain View; that could be worse for Sunnyvale than hurricane Katrina or the Haiti earthquake! How would our Sunnyvale neighborhoods cope?

One heck of a mess: NO lights, NO electricity, NO gas, NO communications, NO Internet, cell phones and land lines not working, your home perhaps uninhabitable, water supply unsafe, sewers backed up, people injured, downed power lines, flooding. I'm not kidding — Take a moment to think about this — Here you are standing in your front yard with – NOTHING! You are thirsty; you are scared; you may be injured! Are you prepared? If you and I are not prepared many, some that you know, will die! We live in the middle of an urban area of about 10 million people from which all escape routes will be blocked (mostly by other people). What do we do first? What do we do next? Professional help may not get to us for days to a week or more. Do you want you and your family herded into Stanford or Spartan Stadium like New Orleans? Or would you rather be self sufficeint and be able to remain near your home?

A personal touch: Wayne and Jean Amacher took the 2010 series of SNAP courses. They’re fantastic! We're impressed! We're prepared, but even more impressive is what happens if someone is not prepared! That’s scary! We encourage everyone in Sunnyvale who can take SNAP to take it. The more SNAP trained people we have in Sunnyvale, the better off we all will be. And it’s free to boot. If we are uninjured, Jean and I will be prepared to help ourselves, our family, and other people. If we are injured, we desparately hope that others will be prepared to help us.

For small disasters, Public Safety has the resources to respond, just call 911. However in a 7.9 earthquake the phones won’t work to call 911 and the disaster will beyond the abiliity of public safety to respond. Public safety will priortize. Medical facilities and communications will be prioritized ahead of residences.

Sunnyvale has a plan and is prepared: Basic communications will be available. Do you know where? You can find out from SNAP. Part of Sunnyvale's plan is for you to attend SNAP classes. That's how the plan helps you and me. Will you do it?

Becoming prepared has the makings of a really neat neighborhood project!

Sunnyvale Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP)

Go to City of Sunnyvale Emergency Prepardness to learn more.

SNAP is allying with Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations to expand SNAP coverage and capabilities. They have been training 30 or so residents two or three times a year. At that rate it will take about 1500 years to train everyone in Sunnyvale. The new plan is to reach out into the neighborhoods and form small SNAP groups of about 30 residences. This ideally would be fostered under the ageis of the current neighborhood associations and perhaps would help get neighborhood associations formed where there are none. The small SNAP groups would meet a few times and sort of train themselves with the material provided. Each small group would have a SNAP Captain, who would lead the group. A great deal of material has already been assembled on a DVD for SNAP Captains to assist the effort. There has been at least one SNAP Captain training session. We are hoping a marketing DVD for everyone will be made available soon to turn people on to the idea.

In my personal opinion (Wayne) that this is an enormous task. I think it might grow best bottom up. I.e., individuals take the initiative on their street, neighborhood, and/or neighborhood association, obtain the material, and just start. One neighborhood SNAP group has already been formed.

The purpose of SNAP is to provide Sunnyvale residents with tools to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours following a disaster. You can contact SNAP at

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